As parents, when we take the time properly label, fold and ever so carefully place the well-marked and clean items into the duffel bags.  Along come the trucks to cart the bags away and from there we really never know happens to the items we spent several weeks organizing.  Items get stacked onto shelves and shortly after fall upon the floor or get tucked away in a far corner of shelf not to be seen until it is time to repack the duffel bags to go home.

Here is the CubbyCubes advantage to help make this process for the parent and the camper less time consuming and less frustrating.

When all the clothing has been labeled, stacked and ready to be packed is when the CubbyCubes are brought in.  Each unit comes with a business card that can be turned around and written on to indicate the contents of the unit.  Another option are reusable labels that can be written on with a permanent marker and erased with rubbing alcohol when the contents change.

After the CubbyCubes are packed with the clothing, the units place easily into the duffel bags.  Now it is even easier to zip up the bags because clothing isn’t falling into each other and the items are slightly condensed so you can pack some extra things!