This is not the first business that I have launched, some were met with success and others were not. The past few years have involved me reinventing myself with work that reflected where I am in my life at that point.

After witnessing my own children’s messy cubbies at camp for several years, I knew there had to be a simpler way to keep things organized. CubbyCubes was born to help the kids find their items while at camp and eliminate what happens after they grab the bottom shirt from the pile and everything else topples over.

As a family we were avid users of packing cubes for travel, whether we did a one destination weekend in Montreal or a road trip along the Westcoast of California that involved multiple hotels. I searched what was available in a packing cube format and couldn’t find a product that met our needs. The zippers and handles were on the wrong side, there wasn’t a place to label the cubes, some weren’t strong and we wanted the mesh to easily show what was inside the cube. So, after a long frustrating search, I decided to manufacture my own cubes and start to change the way campers organize their clothing while away at overnight camp. This led to the birth of CubbyCubes.