How do I use this for my son/daughter?
When it is time to pack the kids up for camp, it is best to separate the items in the CubbyCubes and use the Label Window to let your camper know what is in the unit.  You write on the label SOCKS so they can easily find the items when needed.

What if they don’t keep them neat?
What’s inside the unit doesn’t have to be ‘neat’, it needs to be accessible.  Don’t be concerned if the T-Shirts going back in the CubbyCubes are messy, it is more important that your camper finds it when it is time to get ready for the day.

Do they unpack the clothes from the CubbyCubes once they get to camp?
No need to remove the clothes, things stay more organized with the clothes in the units.  They can easily be stacked, that way it creates more room on the shelves for different items.

I use see through plastic bags, those are easy to pack with.
They may be easy to pack with initially, but they don’t stack well in cubbies and shelves.  They tend to slip off each other and fall to the floor.  Plastic bags are easily perforated and aren’t environmentally friendly.


How do I unpack the Cubby Cubes when I reach my destination?
When you get to the hotel, you don’t even need to take the clothes out.  You just place them right into the drawer and unzip the top and fold it back.  When it is time to pack up and leave you just re-zip and place the units back in your suitcase.  No need for your clothing to touch the inside of the drawers!

How many can fit in a suitcase?
If you are packing in a large suitcase (double sided) you can easily fit in 2 larges on the smaller side with room for some items to be layered overtop (jacket, shoes, cosmetic bags)
On the other side is almost like setting up a puzzle:  I suggest 2 larges with 2 mediums and 2 smalls and still have room for shoes, cosmetic bags or a jacket.

Would I use this in a Carry on?
FOR SURE!  Best to keep everything together.  In a carry on you will have room for a Small, Medium and a Large, with space left over for an extra pair of shoes and a cosmetic bag.

What if the hotel has limited drawers for me to use?
The CubbyCubes can be hung up in a closet, once you need your clothes, just remove it from the hanger and place it on the bed or on the dresser top to remove what you need.  Once you are done, just zip it back up and hang it in the closet again.

How do I wash them?
Remove the card from the window, place them in the washing machine on a Hand Wash setting.  Hang to dry and they should be dry within 2 hours.

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