The CubbyCubes Difference

The first time I saw my kid’s cubby’s at camp, I was shocked by the disorganization and the state of their clothes.  I then realized that they had tidied up the area for visitors day and I started imaging what they looked like on the other days.  The tipping points for me was when I picked up my one son’s t-shirt and it had a shoe print on it, the other was when my other son complained that he only had three pairs of shorts when in fact I had sent him with 8.  I realized that there had to be a better way to keep their cubbys clean and organized.  I had always been a big fan of packing cubes and started sending them with their clothes packed in these cubes.  They worked great but still needed improvement.  So we took a good option and made it great.  To make it really work for kids at camp we made some serious modifications.

1) We moved the handle to the other side so that it open easily when it is hanging and that the handle faces out when laying flat

2) We added a tag area for easy identification

3) We made the window mesh bigger for easier identification

4) We made everything stronger to handle the wear and tear of kids at camp

After all these modifications, we realized that not only did we make a better packing cube for kids at camp, we made a better packing cube for anybody who is travelling.


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